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Chapmans (UK) Ltd
IP21 5ND

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Although the equine market has not been our main focus, we are now looking to branch out and supply more to this market. Having now installed our new planer we feel that this is the perfect time.

We currently produce 4 types of bedding suitable for horses:

Horse Mixtures:

Comprise of a mix of approximately 50% dust extracted chopped wheat straw and 50% dust extracted white manufactured wood shavings, treated with a eucalyptus solution to help prevent the horses eating the straw. These are palletised with 42 bales on a pallet, each bale weighing approximately up to 23kg. This provides a cheaper alternative to pure wood shavings and also provides a warmer bed for your horse.

Manufactured Wood Shavings:

Dust extracted manufactured white wood shavings produced on our newly installed planer. All these flakes are then passed through a star screen to ensure that no splinters are baled up into the product. The flakes are then dried to a moisture content of 10% in our rotary drier. Manufactured shavings are also palletised with 42 bales on a pallet, each bale weighing approximately up to 23kg.

Plain Chopped Straw:

Dust extracted plain chopped wheat straw bales, treated with salcurb to ensure our product is free from mould spores. These are palletised with 30 bales on a pallet with each bale weighing approximately up to 22kg. This provides a more bio-degradable bedding when mucking out your stables, as some farmers don’t allow wood shavings on their land as they take longer to break down.

Plain Chopped Rape Straw:

Dust extracted chopped straw from the oil seed rape plant, treated with a eucalyptus solution to help prevent horses from eating their bedding. Rape straw is highly absorbent, bio-degradable and very easily spread within the stable, plus because of the dust extraction process it is suitable for horses with allergies. They are palletised with 42 bales on a pallet, with each bale weighing approximately 21kg.

Our drivers can deliver any quantity directly to your door with moffett loaders on the back of the trailers, so the pallets can be placed where you require them. We will deliver any quantity from 16 pallets (768 bales) down to 3 pallets (126 bales) and with the recent purchase of a flat-bed transit van we can now deliver by hand between 70 and 30 bales if you have limited storage.

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